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Service Client E-Commerce - Umanlink Group

Optimize your e-commerce with our Comprehensive Customer Care Service

Information produit et service
Customized information

Our experts provide precise information on your products and answer technical questions.

Commandes fluides
Order taking

Simplify the purchasing process with our ordering service, ensuring security and efficiency.

Suivi transparent
Order tracking

Our agents track orders in real time, providing peace of mind and answers to customers.

Retours simplifiés
Returns management

Our returns management service simplifies customer returns, in line with your policies.

Réclamations résolues
Complaints management

From errors to quality issues, our team reacts quickly to restore confidence.

Support après-vente
After-sales service

We remain available to answer questions and resolve problems after the purchase.


Adopt new, agile ways of serving your customers!

Personalized telephone support
Enhance your e-commerce with our quality telephone support. Our expert agents guide buyers, answer questions and solve problems, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty to your e-commerce platform.
Assistance Tel
Assistance Tel
Live Chat for increased conversions
Supercharge your real-time conversions with our live chat service. Our online experts are ready to instantly address visitors' queries, guiding them towards savvy purchases. Experience a tailored shopping journey that significantly boosts your conversion rates.
Chat Direct
Chat Direct
Responsive Email Support
Streamline customer inquiries with our responsive email support. From product questions to delivery concerns, our experts respond promptly, ensuring a smooth customer experience. This asynchronous approach guarantees precise answers without disrupting the shopping process.
Mail Support
Mail Support
Social Media Management
Amplify your online presence and eCommerce success with our specialized social media management. Our team proactively engages with your audience, building customer trust and highlighting your brand. Elevate your eCommerce game with our comprehensive approach to social media.
Social Media
Social Media

Improve the customer experience with our strategic services

Enquêtes Satisfaction Client

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

We value your customers' feedback to constantly improve their experience. Our personalized survey service collects, monitors and analyzes feedback. The results optimize your products, boost customer satisfaction and drive growth.

Ventes Complémentaires

Complementary Sales

Leverage every customer interaction to maximize your sales opportunities. Our team identifies additional and cross-selling opportunities. With a consultative approach, we propose products and services that meet your customers' needs, enhancing the value of every transaction.

Abandons de Panier

Shopping Cart Abandonment

Don't lose sales through abandoned shopping carts. Our service reacts quickly to remind customers of their selections, answer their concerns and offer targeted incentives. In this way, we turn abandonments into successful conversions.

Relance Clients Inactifs

Inactive Customer Follow-up

Customers who have already made a purchase can remain silent. Our follow-up service re-engages these customers with useful information, feedback and special offers. This proactive approach strengthens the bond with customers and fosters long-term retention.

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